£38,000 in grants have been awarded!

We are thrilled to have given £38,000 in grants since August 2021, but we want to give away even more!

Each month, we want to give £10,000 worth of grants to vulnerable children, young people and adults to help them achieve their dreams.

In the last year we have given away grants that all vary in size and some examples include contributing to children’s Horse riding lessons, to help achieve their dream of being a professional horse rider, others have included football coaching and singing lessons. We have even awarded grants to people who require help with transport costs to their first job or provided grants to fund equipment for small businesses that young adults are setting up. We have also award grants to community groups and charities that help vulnerable children, young people and adults in achieving their dreams.

If you know someone that may benefit from a grant, please email us at hello@dreambigtrust.org or visit this page to download our application form.